100 ways to rediscover yourself

How many times have you thought about improving your life and setting goals? How often have you promised yourself to eat healthier, exercise, lose weight and learn a new skill or language?

None of that is new to me. I’m all up for a challenge. In fact over the years I’ve tried them all. Did I succeed? Of course not. I gave up halfway through. My excuse was I was emotionally and physically drained by work and home life. Ok, I admit I was a procrastinator.

With Coronavirus lockdown, I suddenly found I had plenty of time to alter my way of thinking and adopt a new positive mindset. If the virus has taught the world some key lessons in hygiene and social distancing, it has also taught me to embrace each day and appreciate even the simplest things in life.

Time is valuable, so why not take advantage of this extended holiday and learn new experiences. Learn to cook, to bake; learn to spend quality time with the family. Learn new ways to discover a new you.

One thing I do know – there is no age limit to learning. Persevere even if you suck at it. Practice makes perfect. Make cookies, bake bread…I’m sure your family will love you for it. My waistline has expanded and I still haven’t achieved the ultimate loaf of bread but hey-ho I’m not giving up!

My Unforgettable Taxi Rides

Would you let someone else decide about your future? How about leaving your life in the hands of a taxi driver? I am someone who likes to be in control. Not that I am a total freak, but I am known to be stubborn. “Pig-headed”. “Stubborn as a mule”. “Like a dog with a bone”…

Goodbye my love, goodbye

So much has changed since the beginning of 2020. The pandemic has disrupted our lives and relationships. We have been forced to separate ourselves from our friends to keep our family safe. Each day, we are reminded of loss. A loss of freedom and identity. A loss of purpose in life. While the situation is…

For the Love of One Fur Ball

When my daughter was four years old, she asked for her first pet. Instead of coming to us, her parents, she went to her nursery teacher and told her she wanted a baby rabbit. Mama rabbit, the class mascot, was a breeding machine. Every school term, she had a litter of five or six kittens.…

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